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David Chorro

Passionate about soccer. In love with sports science.

Ever since I set foot on the street and came across a football, my whole life has been related to it. I grew up with the same dream as many boys and girls, to be a footballer. Accompanied by my parents, my childhood was based mainly on family and friends, studies and soccer. Over the years I realized my limitations to fulfill my dream and I chose to enter the world of sports science. It was there that I met great people who have helped me to be who I am now.

I am a physical trainer in what I always dreamed of, football. I have had the opportunity to belong to the history of Real Madrid CF, Atlético de Madrid SAD, Real Valladolid CF SAD and Real Sporting de Gijón SAD. I also collaborate with the Royal Football Federation of Madrid as a teacher in football coach courses, with the Spanish Physical Trainers Association as an international speaker and with the Polytechnic University of Madrid - INEF in the Sports Biomechanics laboratory.

With more doubts than I had when I started, I have always felt that concern to continue investigating and deepening in sports science as a habit of life. After finishing my degree, I have been able to combine my work as a physical trainer with continuous training. I finished the Official Master in Sports Sciences, another University Master in Physical Preparation for Soccer, UEFA B and A coach courses, training in injury prevention and rehabilitation, biomechanical analysis ... and, finally, in June 2020, after five years of research, my Doctoral Thesis.

Thirty years of life have helped me to understand work and effort as the bases of progress and success. To realize that the most important tool that belongs to every human being is the attitude towards the circumstances. To know that opportunities do not have to wait for them but create them by taking advantage of each difficulty as a new challenge to continue growing. And, to be convinced that none of us is as good alone as all of us together.

I am David Chorro and it is a pleasure to assist you. Here I present the different functions that I have performed within a professional technical body.


preparador físico fútbol

Creation of training tasks using different methodologies depending on the desired objectives.

Preparador Físico Fútbol

Sequencing of tasks and their respective training load throughout the different microcycles.

preparador físico fútbol

Use of the latest technology with its own methodology to control training and match loads.


Explanation and implementation of the training tasks, as well as the communication of the corresponding feedback.


Responsible for individual rehabilitation programs for injured players during their recovery.


Design of different individual post-effort recovery programs both in training and in competition.


Training program and personal nutrition for the individual improvement of the player within the team.

Entrevista David Chorro

Entrevista David Chorro

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